The Importance of Mouth Guards in Sports Safety

Almost everyone has been involved in some sort of sport at one point in their lives. Some people are involved in more physically-involved sports whereas others may not be. However, the sports that do require a lot of physical interaction are often more likely to incur trauma, and some even incur trauma to their face or mouths.

Trauma to the face or the mouth can cause irreparable damage and it is important that people do everything that they can to protect their mouths and faces, especially during sporting events or practices. Thankfully, the dental world invented mouth guards as a way to protect the teeth and gums. In this article, we will go over why mouth guards are necessary for sports safety. Read more below!

The importance of mouth guards

Wearing a mouth guard during sporting events or practices can be beneficial to people who are likely to incur hits to the face or mouth. Aside from sports-related injuries, people also wear mouth guards to help with bruxism during sleep as well as to keep the teeth in place in other scenarios.

Mouth guards can protect the top and bottom teeth from rubbing or grinding against each other which can cause damage to the enamel and dentin over time. A mouth guard provides exactly that - a guard against things that may cause harm.

Mouth guards for sports safety

People that play sports that involve physical impacts should wear a mouth guard to protect themselves against trauma or injuries. Avoiding trauma and injuries can benefit someone in the long run, as almost any injury can cause life-long damage. Below are the most common sports where mouth guards should be used for safety:

  • Football: Because there is tackling and running going on, mouth guards can be beneficial.
  • Soccer: Soccer players kick balls and often run into each other. It’s best to wear a mouth guard to protect the face from soccer balls or other people.
  • Basketball: People that play basketball are often guarding someone else on the opposing team. Elbows and arms may fly and accidentally hit someone in their face. Wearing a mouth guard can protect the teeth and gums against this.
  • Wrestling: Mouth guards are a must for wrestlers because their goal is to take out the other person. Protecting the teeth is vital to ensure that none are knocked out or chipped/cracked.

Wearing a mouth guard during sporting events or even practices can save someone from a lot of pain and money. They protect the teeth, gums and the rest of the mouth too. Having trauma to the mouth can be painful and sometimes reversible. It’s always best to consult with a professional as they can help provide the best type of mouth guard.

If you have questions about mouth guards and why they’re necessary for sports safety then reach out to our office today. Our trained professionals can help answer any questions or address any concerns that you might have. Give us a call or stop in today.

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