What are Permanent Dentures?

Learn more about denturesDentures are substitutes for natural teeth that have been removed. They are customized according to the size and structure of the mouth. Usually, dentures can be inserted and removed whenever needed and do not feel the same […] Continue Reading

Pros and Cons of Dental Bridges

A Look At Dental BridgesDental bridges are artificial dental structures installed to replace teeth that have either been removed due to tooth decay, cavities or accident. This is done by adding a prosthetic tooth between two adjacent teeth that act […] Continue Reading

Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Straightening

What is cosmetic dentistryCosmetic dentistry is a term used to define the procedures and changes made to the patient’s dental structure, mostly for aesthetic reasons. Cosmetic dentistry can be performed to obtain a complete smile makeover. This includes the transformation […] Continue Reading

Causes of Bad Breath to Watch Out For

 Everyone has bad breath from time to time.  What matters is whether you can pinpoint the cause of your bad breath and take the appropriate actions to prevent it from happening again.  Here is a look at the causes of […] Continue Reading

Natural Alternatives to Toothpaste

There are countless natural toothpaste alternatives available. These natural options do not have dyes or chemicals like regular toothpaste. You will not have to worry about glycerin, artificial sweeteners, titanium dioxide or sodium lauryl sulfate when you take the all-natural […] Continue Reading

Fillings that Match the Shade of Your Teeth

 Tooth-colored fillings, also known as white fillings, consist of composite resins. These are durable fillings that resist fractures.  White fillings can withstand considerable pressure as you chew hard, sticky or otherwise difficult-to-eat foods.We can use tooth-colored fillings on the back […] Continue Reading

How Oral Surgery in Hemet Can Help You

No one becomes ecstatic at the idea of visiting the dentist, but, sometimes, visiting an oral surgeon in Hemet is a necessity. Once you’ve established this is the best path for you, it’s time to determine where you are going […] Continue Reading

Signs Of Severe Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea plagues millions of people in the United States. The sad truth is that plenty of these people have no idea they have this terrible sleep condition. This lack of awareness becomes even more of a problem when the […] Continue Reading

Ways To Stop Bad Breath

You might be suffering from halitosis and not realize it until it is too late. The problem is few people are willing to speak up to let someone know about bad breath. Bad breath has the potential to damage your […] Continue Reading

How a Night Guard Can Combat Teeth Clenching and Grinding

Night guards are an oral health solution meant to alleviate the pressure placed on the teeth and gums when a patient clenches and/or grinds his or her teeth. Plenty of people wake up with a sore jaw, tooth pain or […] Continue Reading