Chipped Tooth: A General Dentist Can Prevent Tooth Decay

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A chipped tooth and tooth decay often go together, which is why it is important to seek prompt dental treatment after a chipped tooth happens. On the other hand, tooth decay may also increase the risk of a chipped tooth, so understanding how a general dentist can help with both concerns can be helpful. 

Chipped tooth and tooth decay

To minimize cost, ensure that invasive treatment is not necessary and control the symptoms after a chipped tooth, it is important to visit a general dentist. They can help patients prevent tooth decay and other concerns from developing and provide long-term treatment for the chipped tooth. 

How a chipped tooth can lead to tooth decay

The enamel becomes damaged when a chipped tooth occurs. This means the remaining enamel after a chip is more vulnerable to decay than it was before, and caring for the enamel is important. Additionally, tooth decay after a chipped tooth increases the risk of a tooth infection, especially if the decay extends toward the tooth root near the pulp chamber. A general dentist can prevent tooth decay after a chip by treating the chip directly, as well as strengthening the enamel of the remaining natural tooth. 

How tooth decay can lead to a chipped tooth

A chipped tooth can increase the risk of tooth decay, but the opposite is true as well. Tooth decay, meaning weakened or eroded tooth enamel, can increase the risk of suffering a chipped tooth. This is because the tooth is not as strong and able to resist damage from hard objects, hard foods or other teeth. If tooth decay exists, a general dentist will recommend treating the decay to prevent further concerns from developing. Tooth decay not only can lead to a chipped tooth, but it may also lead to a cracked tooth, tooth infection or eventually, tooth loss. 

How a general dentist can prevent tooth decay

A general dentist not only aims to treat tooth decay after it occurs, but they also seek to prevent it from happening in the first place. There are several ways that they do this. Primarily, the goal is to keep enamel strong through treating issues such as chips and cracks as soon as they happen, along with strengthening weakened enamel through fluoride treatment and good oral hygiene advice. 

Treatment options for a chipped tooth

Most general dentists advise having a chipped tooth repaired as soon as possible, regardless of the severity. A minor chip may only need composite bonding to address, especially if the chip occurs to a front tooth. For more extensive repairs, a dentist may recommend a dental veneer or dental crown. If the crack is severe or if the tooth has fallen out, the dentist can replace the tooth. 

Talk to a general dentist about tooth decay prevention

Our general dentist team helps patients prevent tooth decay and offers chipped tooth treatment. If you would like to arrange a friendly and convenient visit with our dental team, then contact us today by phone or email to find out more.

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