Does Dental Implant Surgery Hurt?

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You may have heard a lot about dental implant surgery. This procedure is common for people who have missing teeth and want to revive their smile. You can also enjoy the appearance you have been looking for. Before you go to the dentist’s office for this surgery, it is helpful to understand what will happen.

How people lose teeth

A smile is one of the first things people notice about someone else. Gaps in the mouth or severely damaged teeth can hinder a person’s self-esteem. Teeth can fall out either by accident or because of poor dental habits. Lack of consistent brushing and flossing can cause significant decay, leading to tooth loss. Teeth could fall out on their own, or the dentist may have to pull them out. Also, hard blows to the face can dislodge teeth.

Getting ready for dental implant surgery

There are several options for replacing missing teeth. Some dentists recommend crowns, bridges or dentures. People who are interested in implants should consult the dentist. The dental staff will explain the process, including the benefits and challenges of having implants. Next, the dentist will take X-rays and make impressions of the patient’s mouth. At a dental lab, a technician will construct the titanium implants.

Process and components

Dental implant surgery is a multi-step procedure that can take months. The dentist begins by numbing the patient and then cutting into the gums. The dentist then inserts screw-like posts into the jaw. Over the next few months, the bone will fuse to the posts, and the patient’s gums and jaw will heal.

Once the patient’s mouth is ready, the dentist will attach another portion, called an abutment. More healing is required, and at a subsequent appointment, the dentist will attach the crown. This artificial tooth will have a natural shape and color. The dentist tests the fit and the patient’s bite as well.

Pain and discomfort

As with any dental procedure, the patient may feel some discomfort with dental implant surgery. Some people report filling numbness or tingling, while others feel soreness and tenderness days or weeks after the surgery. The dentist will prescribe pain medication to control these symptoms. People who continue to have these feelings three or four weeks after the surgery should consult their dentist.

After the surgery

It is important to manage any post-surgery pain and to maintain the implants. Patients should take medication as the dentist prescribes. They should also continue to brush and floss each day. Though the implants are durable and strong, it is good to avoid hard foods such as nuts and certain candy.

Finding that smile again

If you have a missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or a mouthful of spaces, dental implant surgery could be your answer to repairing your smile. Though this process can be lengthy and cause discomfort, it is also effective. Call your dentist today to share your oral health needs and goals. Your dentist can evaluate your mouth and determine whether you are a good candidate for implants.

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