What to Expect at Your Dental Checkup

Almost everyone has a dental checkup at one point or another during the course of their life. Dental checkup appointments are necessary in order to maintain good oral hygiene as well as good dental health. However, sometimes people are curious about what to expect at their dental checkup.

In this article, we will go over what one can expect from their dental checkup appointment. Being aware of what happens during a dental checkup appointment can help ease any anxiety that one may be experiencing as well as just inform one of what to expect. Read more below!

What to expect at a dental checkup


Having the teeth cleaned by a dental professional is an important part of the checkup. A cleaning will be done to rid the teeth of any built-up plaque that might be present. Dental professional tools are beneficial during the cleaning because they are more powerful and are being used by someone that is trained. Having the teeth cleaned during the checkup will also allow the dentist to see the patient’s teeth in a clean state so that a proper examination can be done.


When one goes in for a dental checkup, they can also expect to have a thorough examination of their teeth and gums done. The dentist will carefully inspect each of the teeth, one by one, in order to get a better idea of how healthy or unhealthy they are. Often, dental tools are used to get better angles of the teeth. Typically, the gums will also be inspected to ensure that they are in healthy condition.


While most people are supposed to visit their dentist twice a year for a checkup, they may only have x-rays done during one of those. However, x-rays are an important part of a dental checkup appointment. They allow the dentist to see how the teeth are sitting within the gums and they can check to see if there are any issues with the structure of the mouth as a whole. X-rays are important to have done because over time, the teeth do tend to shift and sometimes it can be problematic for a patient.

Fluoride treatment

When someone goes in for a dental checkup, they can likely expect to have a fluoride treatment done. Fluoride treatments are administered to patients so that their teeth can remain strong. Fluoride remineralizes the surface of the teeth which is necessary to maintain good oral health. These treatments are typically administered through an oral rinse or gel and they don’t last more than a few minutes.

Dental checkup appointments are routine and typically don’t involve anything painful. Some people have anxiety about visiting their dentist but it is important to remember that checkups are only done to ensure that one is in good health. Knowing what to expect during these checkups can also help reassure anyone that is feeling uneasy about their upcoming checkup.

If you have more questions about what to expect during your dental checkup then reach out to our office today so that we can help! We have trained professionals who can guide you through a checkup so that you feel more comfortable. Give us a call or stop in today!

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