Natural Alternatives to Toothpaste

ToothpasteThere are countless natural toothpaste alternatives available. These natural options do not have dyes or chemicals like regular toothpaste. You will not have to worry about glycerin, artificial sweeteners, titanium dioxide or sodium lauryl sulfate when you take the all-natural route.  However, not all of them are safe.

Furthermore, most natural toothpaste alternatives do not provide as thorough of a clean as toothpaste. Here is a look at some of the top natural toothpaste alternatives to give you an idea if they are ideal for your unique mouth.

Natural toothpaste alternatives

Baking Soda

Baking soda is often referenced as a multi-purpose cleaner.  If an individual dips the toothbrush in baking soda and brushes the teeth, then he or she will find they feel and look clean. Some also dip their baking soda-laden toothbrush in mint oil to give it a fresh and minty smell/taste.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This natural toothpaste alternative is alleged to keep teeth white and clean. Some people really do use it instead of regular toothpaste. The main concern with this alleged solution is that it will extract vapors from amalgam fillings in the teeth. Due to this risk, it is important to speak with a dentist about it before use.

Sea Salt

Similar to baking soda, sea salt will clean the teeth. However, people must dissolve it in water before applying it to the teeth. Otherwise, people run the risk of the salt crystals' abrasiveness harming the teeth.

Dry Brushing

Certain people are adamant there is no need for toothpaste.  Dry brushing with the brush and no toothpaste or any other natural toothpaste alternative will clean the teeth. However, it will not work nearly as well as toothpaste nor will the teeth be as clean without toothpaste.

Brushing the Teeth With Pure Water

People who despise the idea of moving a dry toothbrush along the mouth with the dry brushing method and are intent on trying something besides regular toothpaste will brush with pure water.  Simply add water to the toothbrush and brush the teeth with the moist bristles.

All-natural Tooth Soap

While people can brush their teeth with all-natural soap, be it body soap/hand soap or soap specifically designed for teeth, there is high risk in accidentally swallowing it. Though it might taste terrible, soap will provide a clean feel. We advise people to consider other options since swallowing any type of soap can be harmful to one's body and overall health.

Herbal Tooth Powders

These powders really do clean the teeth. The majority of the herbal ingredients in such powders also combat infection, pain and inflammation.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oils are antibacterial, antifungal and lovely-smelling. They will clean the mouth, especially in combination with baking soda.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are used for all sorts of different purposes. Their powerful scent makes your breath smell fantastic. These oils are so good for cleaning the mouth they are used in most mouthwashes.  Put a drop of peppermint oil on your moist brush, apply it to your teeth and you will have a nice substitute for toothpaste until you can get back home to perform a thorough clean.

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