Why Are Dentures Necessary?

Posted on: June 12, 2019

You may not like to think about it, but at some point, in your life, you may need to consider dentures. It may not be necessary for everyone, and there is plenty you can do to preserve your natural teeth. Sometimes, though, even with regular dental work and checkups, you can still suffer tooth loss. Learn more about why dentures may be necessary for you.

Early warning signs for needing dentures

There are early warning signs that a person might need to consider getting dentures. It is recommended that if a person suffers from any of these symptoms, they should see a dentist for a consultation as soon as possible.

Bad toothaches

People may notice a toothache that will not go away. Decay could be causing this pain, as it makes its way down to the nerve in the person’s tooth. A dentist may recommend a root canal as a way to save this tooth, but sometimes the decay has progressed enough that the tooth is not salvageable. After an extraction, dentures are an option.

Swollen and tender gums

If a person is experiencing sensitive gums that are swollen and red, it could be the first sign of periodontal disease. A thorough cleaning or other procedures can usually treat early gum disease. Yet, if the disease is not caught early, it can progress and lead to bone loss. Bone loss can cause a patient to lose one or more teeth. If this happens, a dentist may recommend dentures.

Loose or shifting teeth

If a person notices that their teeth are either loose or obviously shifting around in the mouth, this could point to a need for dentures in the future. Loose teeth typically indicate decay caused by periodontal disease. Because a person cannot see underneath the gums, the damage could be getting worse without them knowing it. This is true for gaps in the teeth as well. If a patient notices loose or shifting teeth, it is advisable that they see a dentist.

It is hard to chew or digest food

One symptom that may lead to a future in dentures is painful chewing. This is a sign that a person’s teeth have been damaged. Another symptom of decay is frequent indigestion. If a person’s teeth are not functioning properly and it is more difficult to chew, larger bites are typically taken, resulting in stomach pains.

Teeth are already missing

If a person has already lost a tooth or several teeth, a dentist may recommend dentures immediately. The more time passes without dentures, the higher the risk of losing additional teeth becomes. When a person does not have full mouth support from all teeth, the remainder of the natural teeth will shift and become weaker.

Consult a dentist about dentures

If you have noticed any of these symptoms, it may be time to consult with a dentist about the possibility of getting dentures. These artificial teeth can help protect any of your remaining natural teeth or replace those that are missing or severely damaged. Dentures can restore your smile and help with the functionality of your teeth and the aesthetics of your facial appearance.

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