Why a Tooth Fracture Is Considered a Dental Emergency

Posted on: February 25, 2020

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If you have a broken or a chipped tooth, you might be wondering if it is a dental emergency. A fractured tooth is considered a dental emergency when there is a lot of bleeding or pain. A larger fracture may need to be filled with a material that is similar to the color of the other teeth. Read on to learn why this is considered a dental emergency and what you can do about it.

What to do with a fractured tooth

Teeth are very strong. However, sometimes, they are not strong enough and can break. There are several ways that a tooth can break and the reason for the break will determine how the dentist will treat it. The reasons for a broken tooth can include:

  • Falling
  • Injuries to the mouth or face
  • Biting down on a hard item
  • Decay that weakens the tooth
  • Old fillings that do not help the tooth’s structure

A fractured tooth may not hurt when it breaks. However, a patient will most likely be able to feel a sharp area near the tooth. The area might hurt if a large area broke because the nerve might be exposed. Hot or cold foods can hurt the area too.

A fractured tooth cannot be treated at home. If the tooth hurts all of the time, then it is very important for a patient to see the dentist right away. Bacteria can enter the area and cause an infection. Any decay will need to be treated as well.

What a dentist can do for this dental emergency

A serious break goes in deep enough so that the nerve is exposed. This causes tooth sensitivity and extreme pain. The broken part might also bleed. A serious break will require a root canal to remove the nerve as well as a crown over the tooth.

A vertical break starts at the tooth’s root and moves toward the upper part of the tooth. This can be painful for patients because the area near the root can be infected. An emergency dentist will most likely need to remove the entire tooth. A tooth may break because of decay in the area. If this is the case, then the dentist will need to remove the decayed portions.

A cracked tooth means that the entire tooth is fractured. This includes the chewing surface down to the nerve of the tooth. The tooth will remain together, but the crack can spread. A dentist can repair this type of crack with a filling. However, the tooth will most likely need a crown.

Contact an emergency dentist today

There are several different types of cracked teeth, ranging from vertical breaks to decay-induced breaks. Each of these types of fractures is considered a dental emergency. Getting treatment quickly will help to increase the chances that your tooth will be saved. Contacting a dentist can help you get treatment for your dental emergency.

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