Who Can Benefit From an Implant Supported Dentures Procedure?

Posted on: January 15, 2020

implant supported dentures Hemet, CA

When individuals struggle with everyday functions such as chewing or speaking because they are missing one or more teeth, implant supported dentures can provide important benefits to help them cope. These dentures are fitted onto studs embedded into the jawbone. Unlike traditional denture styles, they do not require adhesive. Before patients can be fitted for these prosthetic teeth, however, a dentist needs to evaluate whether they are suitable candidates for implants. 

About implant supported dentures 

When people suffer from badly damaged or missing teeth, these special dentures may correct some of the issues oral problems can cause. Teeth that are decayed, loose or about to fall out may contribute to a variety of challenging problems that include: 

  • Gum pain and sensitivity 
  • Infection 
  • Discomfort when speaking or chewing 

Dentures that are supported by implants may relieve some of these troubles. Patients who want to opt for them, however, must be cleared by their dentist first since not everyone is suited for the method. 

Qualifications for the procedure

Implant supported dentures can resolve oral issues for persons who no longer have all their teeth, but a general dentist must first evaluate them for the process. This appraisal may include X-rays, an inspection of remaining teeth and the assessment of the jawbone. Because these dentures are designed to stay in the mouth unless they are removed for cleaning by a dentist, qualifying patients require a strong and supportive jawbone. If the bone is not able to sustain the implants, those individuals may have to look into other options. 

While the elderly are most likely to require dentures, other people may need them as well. Those who have lost teeth due to early neglect, an accident or medical issues may benefit from implanted dentures. 

Benefits of the procedure

Persons who qualify for these types of dentures may enjoy a variety of benefits once they are installed. One of the greatest advantages is how they strengthen the mouth’s natural bite. When teeth become decayed or missing, the result can seriously affect how people chew and the foods they can eat. In some cases, individuals might even have to change their diet to accommodate oral issues.

Once these supported dentures are installed, the force of the bite is centralized into the implants. This restores the strength of a natural bite and allows recipients to eat their favorite foods once again. 

Another advantage of implant supported dentures is how they often reduce gum pain and irritation. Traditional dentures require some type of adhesive, but even when this product is used, the dentures may slip or rub. Food particles can get caught between the gum and denture, causing irritation. Dentures that do not fit properly can result in sores on the gums, an event that can lead to infection. When implants are used and the dentures can be affixed on a more permanent basis, these issues are usually avoided.


Implant supported dentures can resolve a number of oral health problems and dental issues for those who have missing teeth. While a dentist needs to evaluate patients carefully before they can go ahead with the implant process, the multiple advantages these dentures provide pay dividends for years to come.

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