What Problems Can a Smile Makeover Address?

Smile Makeover Hemet, CA

Are you considering a smile makeover? This process can significantly transform the way that the teeth and gums appear, thus transforming the smile. Continue reading to learn more about the problems that a smile makeover can address. 

Common things that a smile makeover can address

There are a few common problems that a smile makeover can address and treat. Reviewing this information may be helpful to individuals who are considering improving the way that their smile looks.


Over time, the teeth can become stained as a result of heavily dyed beverages or foods. It is a problem that can usually be addressed with a teeth whitening procedure.

Professional teeth whitening can be part of a smile makeover process, but in some cases, more aggressive treatment methods may need to be administered. For example, some stains do not respond to teeth whitening agents, in which case, dental veneers or bonding may be required. Dental veneers can be used to completely cover front teeth that are stained. These are small shells that fit right over individual teeth. Bonding is a simpler procedure that uses composite resin to coat the surfaces of the teeth. 

Crookedness and/or crowding

Many individuals who suffer from uneven teeth can turn to a dentist for a smile makeover. Teeth straightening procedures can address any crookedness or crowding.

Some cases of crookedness, crowding, or unevenness can be addressed with other smile makeover procedures. Dental crowns and veneers can both address minor cases of such problems. 

Gum-related issues

Gummy smiles and receding gumlines are two common problems that people may want to tackle with a smile makeover. A gummy smile is when the gums are much longer than the teeth, making one's smile appear full of the gums. Receding gums are just the opposite. When the gums have receded, the result is longer-looking teeth and a thin or small gumline. Both types of problems can be the result of poor genetics, though receding can also occur when an infection is present. 

A smile makeover can tackle both types of gum problems through surgery. In the case of a gummy smile, small amounts of tissue may be removed carefully, while receding gums may require a grafting procedure. 

Get started with a smile makeover

When suffering from any of these problems, it is advised to consult with a general dentist. This enables you to ask questions and go over any concerns. Additionally, a treatment plan can be made in order to complete the smile makeover process. To find out more or to get scheduled for an appointment, reach out today. 

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