The Creation of Dentures: How the Process Works

Posted on: February 17, 2019

The creation of dentures for patients is a standard process that can be completed in a dental office. Once someone decides, along with their dentist, that dentures are the best option for them, the process will begin.

Sometimes there may be some teeth that need to be extracted. Having dentures means that a person will no longer have any natural teeth. However, this may be the best option for someone depending on how their oral health is and what condition their teeth are in.

How creating dentures works

The process for forming dentures is a standard procedure that typically is completed in a dental office. Although there is some waiting time while the dentures are being made, the process for creating them is a standard and ordinary procedure.

An impression of the mouth

The first step in creating dentures requires that an impression and mold of the patient's mouth be taken. After this is done, the mold is sent to a lab to be scanned into a computer that will then perform the most important part. The dentures are then constructed and prepared to be sent back to the dentist's office for the patient.

Checking the fit of the dentures

After the dentures have been constructed, they are sent back to the dentist's office for the patient. It is important for the patient to come back in for their fitting of the dentures to ensure that it was constructed correctly.

Even though the mold was taken and construction was done, there can always be mistakes, and the dentist would be the one that would catch the issue. By looking at the dentures to ensure the appropriate fit, the dentist will then give the ‘ok’ that they are good and have the patient fully put them in their mouth to try.

Final try on of the dentures

The dentist will then have the patient put the dentures on and ensure they do not rub anywhere and are secure. After this is done, the dentist will typically go over some good tips and tricks to ensure their patient can adjust to the dentures.

For new denture wearers, it is important that they do some practicing with eating and talking because it may feel odd at first. Because they are not used to dentures, these tasks can seem very foreign and take some basic practicing. However, after following the tips and tricks that the dentist provides the patient will not have any issues. It typically only takes a few days for someone to get used to dentures.


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