Signs Of Severe Sleep Apnea

Sleep ApneaSleep apnea plagues millions of people in the United States. The sad truth is that plenty of these people have no idea they have this terrible sleep condition. This lack of awareness becomes even more of a problem when the person in question has severe sleep apnea. If one does not receive treatment for severe sleep apnea, it has the potential to lead to all sorts of painful health issues including death.

Below, we take a look at the most common signs of severe sleep apnea. If you notice any of these signs, it is imperative you meet with your dentist and doctor as soon as possible.

Daytime sleepiness

If an individual is drowsy during the day, every day, there is a chance he or she has severe sleep apnea. People who struggle with this condition combat sleepiness throughout the day and sometimes unintentionally fall asleep. Daytime sleepiness that occurs when behind the wheel of a car can prove deadly.

Those who operate machinery are at risk to injure themselves as a result of severe sleep apnea that causes daytime drowsiness. an individual who finds him or herself drifting off to sleep during the day needs to meet with us as soon as possible to determine if sleep apnea is the actual cause.

Snoring is cause for concern

Snoring is one of the most obvious signs of severe sleep apnea. While there are regular amounts of snoring in adults, if someone snores much too loud and constantly, then it is crucial to receive an examination for sleep apnea. Snoring has the potential to be incredibly loud.

In fact, some snorers are so loud they wake themselves up during the night. In many cases, snoring is first identified by the other person in the bed or house. While snoring is not a surefire sign of sleep apnea, pinpointing its true cause is essential to stopping it.

Alterations in mood

If an individual has regular interruptions during their sleep, the body will not have a chance to adequately rest. This can cause significant mood swings. Severe sleep apnea can also relate to depression and mood disorders.

Waking during the night

Those who have severe sleep apnea are more likely to wake during the night, oftentimes feeling as though they are choking or desperately trying to breathe. This is the same sensation that occurs with sleep apnea.

A sore throat or dry mouth

Sleeping with an open mouth or struggling to breathe during the night will inevitably result in waking up with a scratchy and sore throat. It will also cause dry mouth as well. If an individual notices either of these signs in the morning or night, it is cause for concern. Schedule an appointment with a dentist and/or doctor as soon as possible.

Difficulty concentrating

The inability to focus during the day is an indication of severe sleep apnea. Sleep issues and struggling to concentrate are closely tied to one another. If you cannot concentrate, you will not be able to focus at work. Your performance will decline and your employment might be terminated.

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