Same Day Dentistry Visit for a Tooth Extraction

Same Day Dentistry Hemet, CA

Same day dentistry visit for tooth extraction is sometimes the best option when a tooth is damaged. These visits ensure patients can get their teeth removed in a single dental visit without needing to book multiple appointments. This removes any hassle from the process and restores oral health.

Reasons for Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is a common procedure in dentistry. It becomes necessary when the continued stay of a tooth in its socket is bound to have adverse effects on the oral health and general wellbeing of the patient. The dentist will recommend the procedure if saving the tooth is not possible. There are different methods of extracting a damaged or infected tooth, depending on its location.

Whenever possible, it is preferable to repair a tooth with fillings, crowns or root canal at first and only turn to extraction as a last resort. Same day dentistry visit to remove a tooth may be important for the tooth restoration process. If a tooth is broken beyond repair, patients can quickly get the right tooth-replacement option, such as dental implants or a dental bridge.

Tooth removal may also be suggested to stop the spread of tooth decay and infections. After extracting the tooth, any infection it had disappears with it completely. Sometimes, the dentist can remove a wisdom tooth if it starts to cause pain. In this case, wisdom tooth extraction will free up space on the jaw for the sake of existing teeth, while improving dental health.

Methods of tooth extraction

Patients can get any tooth extraction in a day with same-day dentistry. The dentist will not schedule the patient for additional dental appointments after the process is over. The most common type is simple tooth extraction, which is usually done for teeth that are still visible on the gum.

If the dentist can grasp the tooth with dental forceps, they will simply move it gently in its socket to dislodge it. If the tooth is broken close to the gum line or is impacted inside the gums, the dentist will use surgical extraction. This method of tooth removal requires that the dentist make incisions on the gum and cut bone material around the tooth to free the tooth. The dentist will determine the best approach after examining the patient’s mouth.

Necessary precautions after a tooth extraction

After the procedure, the dentist will provide instructions on how to ensure the area is healthy and free from infections. Patients will need to avoid eating hard foods or brushing vigorously because these might be detrimental for the extraction site and cause bleeding and infection. They will also need to refrain from extremely hot or cold foods and drinks to ensure proper healing. Patients might experience some soreness after the procedure, so it is advisable to stick to soft foods until the area heals completely.

In conclusion

If you have gum disease, dental trauma or severe decay and need to have a tooth removed, you can benefit from same day dentistry visit. The entire process is completed in a day so you can return to your normal life immediately after the procedure.

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