Improve Teeth Whitening Effectiveness — Use the Right Product the Right Way

Posted on: June 5, 2019

Teeth whitening products are very popular nowadays. Everyone wants to have a set of shiny, white teeth, and whitening products can be purchased pretty much anywhere. With so many types of teeth whiteners available, selecting the right product for the type of stains and discoloration you are trying to get rid of can be quite the task.

It should also be noted that not all stains can be removed with whitening products. Stains caused by tooth decay or fluorosis are typically not responsive to teeth whitening treatments. Understanding what type of product works best on specific types of stain is one way to improve the effectiveness of whitening treatments. Let us take a look at some popular ways people whiten their teeth and how to get the most out of them.

Popular teeth whitening products

1. Whitening pens

These are like ink removers but for teeth. They are extremely easy to use since the person simply uses the pen to wipe away stains on their teeth. Whitening pens are an effective way to get rid of surface stains, but these products perform poorly when it comes to removing deeper stains.

2. Whitening toothpaste

Here is another whitening product that can be effective when used properly. Whitening toothpaste slowly takes off surface stains, and it can be an effective way to maintain the color of teeth after getting whitening treatments. However, do not expect these products to get rid of anything deeper than surface stains. It simply is not what they are made to do.

3. Whitening gels/solutions

These are the types of products people with deep stains and discoloration should go for. They are typically applied on teeth using a mouth tray, and they penetrate the enamel, removing deep stains in the dentin. Of course, not all whitening gels and solutions are equally effective.

There are many low-quality products sold in grocery stores, and these do not have the stain removing powers of the more quality products. In addition, low-quality teeth bleaching products can weaken enamel, leading to increased sensitivity. The most effective whitening gels and solutions are reserved for use in dental clinics. These products are strong enough to make teeth ten shades whiter after a single session. A few professionally done whitening treatments and teeth are as white as they can be.

Another huge benefit that comes with getting teeth whitened at the dentist is the customized mouth tray that is used to dispense the product. It reduces the odds of the bleaching agent seeping into the person's gums and causing irritation.

Get an effective teeth whitening solution

Your teeth are one of the first things others notice during social interactions, and they are also one of the memorable things about your appearance. Keep them pearly white and make a good impression every time you smile. Stop by our clinic to explore teeth whitening solutions.

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