I Need a Dental Office Near Me to Help With My Dental Anxiety

Posted on: July 30, 2015

Dental Office Near MeWe know that “visiting a dental office near me” is probably not one of the first things that cross your mind when you wake up in the morning -unless you have a dental emergency. While there are a lot of people that have learned the benefits of ritually coming to a “dentist office near me”, there are still many patients that struggle with the confidence to go in and see a dentist. As a dental office, one of the things we strive to do is to create an environment of trust and learning, so that when you start looking for a “dentist office near me”, we are the first to cross your mind.

While enhancing our ability to service the community at large, we have found that there is a large percentage of the population that experiences dental anxiety, or the fear of going to the dentist. This is a global phenomenon that has caused millions of people to go without seeking the dental care that they need to have excellent oral health. Right here in the United States, 26% of the population openly admits to being too anxious to visit the dentist. This group of people, when asked, stated that they know they would benefit from visiting the dentist office, or that they knew their teeth could use a dentist’s care, but were far too stressed out by the idea of visiting a dentist office near me to take the leap and make the appointment. We were not surprised to find that, even among patients who do make dental appointments, there is a level of stress that comes with visiting the dentist. The studies found that somewhere between 9% and 20% of patients experience anxiety, which ranges from mild to severe, when they are sitting in the waiting room waiting for an examination. Also, many dental office visitors stated that they were afraid because it had been so long since they visited the dentist, and they were concerned about what the dentist might find. They were also concerned that additional remedies might be needed to restore their teeth to an optimal condition.

How can visiting a dental office near me help to overcome my dental anxiety?

The answer to this is simple, the more familiarity you have with something, the less likely you are to have concerns about it. For this reason, familiarity and education make up two of the steps we advise you to take to overcome your anxiety. First, building familiarity takes time and consistency, so we encourage you to schedule and keep, two appointments with our dentist office each year. This will allow us build a relationship with you while doing simple things like cleaning and examining your teeth, which are normally quick and non-invasive. Secondly, while you are in for examinations, feel free to ask a lot of questions and familiarize yourself with our dentist office. As you begin to realize the things we do and the extraordinary lengths we go through to ensure your safety and comfort, it will become easier and easier to overcome your anxiety. We are here to help because when you think of “a dental office near me”, we want you to feel as little anxiety or stress as possible.

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