How to Make a Dental Onlay Last

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Getting a dental onlay can restore your tooth’s health and also give you the smile you have always wanted. For some people, and in many cases, it is more effective than other options such as fillings and crowns. Onlays can repair significant decay when a filling does not support the cavity. It can also fix a tooth that has suffered damage, such as a chip, a fracture, or a crack. This option can also be an alternative to teeth whitening for people who have stained teeth. If you get an onlay and want it to do its job well, there are some steps you can follow.

The process of getting a dental onlay

Unlike a filling, an onlay is pre-molded outside of the tooth. Like a crown, a technician or the dentist will make the onlay in a lab or the office and then attach it to the tooth. An onlay bonds to the tooth with cement and fits into the grooves. It is different from an inlay in that it extends over the cusps of the tooth.

Patients can choose from a variety of materials when selecting an onlay. The most popular include composite resin, porcelain, and ceramic. These have good cosmetic qualities but do not last as long as metal. Gold and silver onlays are stronger and more durable, sometimes lasting 30 years or more. However, silver onlays stand out and can hamper a person’s smile.

Commit to good oral hygiene

Patients should not let the very thing that required a dental onlay lead to the deterioration of it. Failing to brush and floss regularly can affect the quality of onlay treatment. Patients must continue to brush with fluoride-based toothpaste at least twice a day. This will prevent plaque from invading the natural tooth. These oral habits will also keep the onlay looking nice.

Visit the dentist

People of all ages should see the general dentist at least twice a year for checkups and examinations. Even after getting a dental onlay, these appointments are still necessary to ensure the health of the tooth. At these visits, the dentist can check on the integrity of the onlay and make sure it is firmly in place. The dentist can also identify problems in the mouth that could affect the onlay.

Watching the diet

When a person has a severe cavity or tooth damage, it can be difficult or even impossible to eat certain foods. A dental onlay has the strength to handle powerful forces and pressure. However, it is wise to be cautious about biting into certain items, especially in the days and weeks following the procedure. Patients should limit eating hard, sticky, and chewy foods.

Get the most out of your onlay treatment

If you go through the effort of getting a dental onlay, you do not want to undo the treatment. This can happen if you become lax with your brushing habits or ignore dental appointments. Instead of taking these approaches, you need to be mindful of good care and maintenance. Follow these guidelines. Doing so will increase the likelihood that your onlay will work effectively for many years to come.

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