How Denture Repair Can Improve Your Smile

Denture Repair Hemet, CA

Thinking your dentures may need repair? Read on to learn about the role of denture repair in the appearance of your smile. One of the drawbacks of dentures that no longer fit properly is a less desirable smile. This is in addition to the functional and health drawbacks of dentures that do not fit the right way.

An overview of denture repair

The following discussion highlights what denture repair is, the cosmetic, functional, and health benefits of denture repair, and who should consider it. This should help you decide for yourself whether you should schedule a denture repair consultation with a dentist.

What is denture repair?

Denture repair is the process of fixing dentures that become damaged or begin to fit improperly. In most cases, the dentures are repaired in a laboratory by a technician that is trained in denture repair. However, the repairs are performed according to the specific instructions provided by the patient’s dentist.

What are the benefits of denture repair?

Denture repair can save patients the time and money that is often spent when replacing dentures. It can also help ensure the ideal fit and comfort of the dentures long-term, whereas neglecting a necessary denture repair can cause soreness and increase the risk of the dentures coming loose while they are worn. A denture repair is a fast and easy process for patients. In fact, denture repairs are typically completed within a week and may only take a few days in certain instances.

When is denture repair required?

Denture repair may be the best solution if the dentures are only partially damaged. This could be in the form of a crack, chip, or dent, among other types of possible denture damage. There are also times where the dentures may stop fitting properly due to a shift of existing natural teeth or the jaw. When this occurs, a denture repair can adjust the fit to the desired level.

When is denture replacement necessary?

A denture replacement may be necessary for more severe instances of denture damage, such as if the dentures are broken in half or for dents that are too large to fix. The dentist can determine whether a denture repair or replacement is the most advantageous route for the patient during a consultation visit.

How can I care for my dentures at home?

It is important to follow the dentist’s provided instructions on how to take care of your dentures between check-up and cleaning visits. This should include brushing several times a day, cleaning the dentures, and protecting them from damage or from getting dirty.

Need to schedule a denture repair?

If your dentures are dirty, damaged, or no longer fit properly, then you can schedule a denture repair or replacement by calling our team today. We understand the importance of a proper fit for your dentures, and we are here to provide you with dentures that fit comfortably and allow you to function properly, as well as improve the appearance of your smile.

Request an appointment here: or call Hemet Dental Center: Brian Stiewel DDS, INC. at (951) 707-4366 for an appointment in our Hemet office.

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