How Denture Adjustments Can Help With Discomfort

How Denture Adjustments Can Help With Discomfort from Hemet Dental Center: Brian Stiewel DDS, INC. in Hemet, CADentures that do not fit properly often cause discomfort. Specifically, many patients report swollen, tender, and painful gums due to the irritation caused by improperly fitted dentures. The good news is denture adjustments can relieve much of this discomfort, providing more comfortable and attractive dentures.

The benefits of denture adjustments

The most notable benefits of denture adjustments include the alleviation of gum irritation, a more comfortable fit and feel for your dentures, a more attractive smile, and improved periodontal health. The following is a closer look at the benefits patients often report after their denture adjustment.

Helps avoid irritation of the gums

Since dentures rest upon and are supported by the gums, many people experience irritation of the gums when their dentures fail to fit properly or are damaged; common symptoms of dentures in need of adjustment include gum discomfort, swelling, and sensitivity. Denture adjustments help ensure dentures fit comfortably, which greatly reduces the risk of gum irritation.

Offers a more comfortable feel

One of the primary purposes of denture adjustments is to ensure the optimal fit of the dentures. The fit can change over time due to a variety of factors, from the warping of the acrylic material to the jaw naturally shifting. A denture adjustment can help ensure that the patient feels comfortable and the dentures fit securely while they are worn, which also minimizes the risk of the dentures unexpectedly falling loose at an inopportune time.

Allows for a more attractive smile

Denture adjustments can also improve the appearance of the patient’s smile as well. This is because outdated dentures in need of an adjustment often have aesthetic concerns, such as worn-down teeth and stains. In addition, an improper fit can also make dentures appear less natural. By improving the appearance of dentures with an adjustment, many patients are able to increase their level of comfort with their dentures.

Can help maintain optimal periodontal health

Periodontal health refers to the health of the gums and underlying jawbone (the supporting structures of teeth and replacement teeth). Periodontal health often suffers as a result of dirty dentures that are infested with bacteria and other germs. During a denture adjustment, a dentist can ensure dentures are adequately disinfected and cleaned, which can help improve periodontal health.

When to consider denture adjustments

Denture adjustments are encouraged anytime dentures cause a cosmetic, oral health, or functional concern. Your dentist can assess whether or not a denture adjustment is necessary during a routine visit to check on the health of the dentures and the patient’s oral health in general.

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Find out if a denture adjustment is right for you

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