FAQs About Metal-Free Crowns

Posted on: February 17, 2020

Metal-Free Crowns Hemet, CA

Metal-free crowns are dental crowns made purely from composite or porcelain materials without the infusion of metals such as amalgam or gold. A dental crown is often necessary when the tooth’s structure is compromised and can no longer function effectively.

FAQs about metal-free crowns

The following are frequently asked questions about metal-free crowns:

Will it be possible to tell if one has a dental crown?

Porcelain and composite materials are both natural-looking and they can be customized to look like healthy teeth. Once the crown is in place, it will be difficult to distinguish it from the rest of the teeth.

What is the durability of metal-free crowns?

Metal-free crowns can last for a long time, depending on several factors. Patients must maintain excellent oral hygiene if they want to get the most out of the dental crown. They must also avoid unhealthy and hard foods that may put undue pressure or force on the crowns. With proper care, dental crowns can last up to 15 years before needing replacement or repair.

What does the procedure involve?

Metal-free crown placement is usually completed in two dental visits. First, the dentist will scrape portions of the enamel layer and shape the tooth to create space for the dental crown. This ensures that the new crown fits in perfectly with the remaining teeth. The dentist will then take an impression of the patient’s bite, which will be forwarded to the dental lab who will fabricate the dental crown with metal-free crown materials.

During the first appointment, the patient will also get a temporary crown, made from composite material to protect the tooth before the permanent metal-free crown is ready. The dentist will replace the temporary crown with the permanent crown during the second appointment.

What is the advantage of choosing metal-free crowns?

Porcelain fused to metal and metal crowns tend to cause dark lines along the edge of the teeth and gums, especially if the gum recedes a little. The newer porcelain crowns that are metal-free offer better aesthetic improvements over the older versions. Since porcelain crowns are free of metal, they do not leave behind markings even if the gum line recedes.

Are metal-free crowns advisable after getting a root canal treatment?

A tooth that has undergone root canal is dead since the procedure requires cleaning out the living tissues and nerves inside the tooth. The tooth usually becomes discolored. Using a metal-free crown on a tooth can help to restore its appearance to match the rest of the teeth.

Can old crowns be replaced with metal-free crowns?

If a person's old crowns are damaged or worn, the dentist can offer replacements. They will remove the old crown and replace it with a new temporary crown before the permanent replacement is ready.

Patients who have had their crowns for a long time may not be pleased with their appearance. The materials used for making crowns before were not as appealing and natural-looking as the options available nowadays.

Final note

If you are interested in getting metal-free crowns, book an appointment with the dentist to have your oral cavity examined and get proper advice.

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