Dental Treatments for Bad Breath

If ‘heads turn’ – away – when you meet and greet others or the first question you get asked is: ‘would you likesome gum?’ there could be reasons that go deeper than simple polite sharing. Sometimes such politeness is the way to broach the difficult topic of Halitosis or more commonly: bad breath! Bad breath can come about simply by eating those flavorful food dishes as sausage with onions, pasta with garlic, the melted cheddar cheese sandwich, or perhaps tuna on rye sandwich that you have just eaten.  Mmm — boy! When duly diligent with the fluoride toothpaste, twice a day for two minutes each time, followed by act of flossing between teeth and gargling with antibacterial mouth rinse, food particles are swept away along with any odor due to bacterial growth in mouth known as dental plaque on teeth, gums, or the tongue!

The best defense against the bad breath offense is:

1. Preventative dental care action of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with antibacterial mouth rinse twice a day.

Eating highly flavored or spicy foods is not the only cause to a pungent breath. As stated, the primary reason for that ‘bad taste’ in your mouth bringing about Halitosis is bacteria!

2. If you wear removable dentures be sure they fit properly, as food particles can get stuck in-between denture and gums. Clean denture appliances by soaking them in overnight denture cleaning solution.

Another common reason for bad breath is a condition called xerostomia, or dry mouth! This can come about for a variety of reasons and prevents the free flowing action of natural saliva that neutralizes acids and washes away dead cells from tongue, gums, and cheeks as well as bacterial plaque. A dry mouth can come about because of
medications one takes, breathing through one’s mouth continuously while asleep, or by reason of smoking.

3. Stopping of the smoking habit not only can end a dry mouth but aid in adding years to your life and help you see more positive results to your daily dental hygiene practices as that nicotine from tobacco no longer leaves a yellowish stain on the ‘pearly whites.’

4. Dental professionals recommend chewing sugarless gum or mints with xylitol as an active ingredient to avoid that dry mouth feeling during the day’s routine, or better yet, in-between the brushing and flossing keep your mouth adequately moist by drinking water!

Bad breath can be a sign of a serious health condition in your body such as: respiratory infections, sinus infections, post-nasal drip, diabetes, chronic acid reflux, liver or kidney disease and can leave a ‘bad taste’ in one’s mouth for reason of bacteria that is present.

5. Visiting Hemet Dental Center: Brian Stiewel DDS, INC. twice a year for full exam of your mouth with a thorough professional dental cleaning to prevent gum disease and clean and fill any small cavities where bacterial decay starts.

Self-care and self-aware will bring about a breath of fresh air!

Request a dental appointment here: or call Hemet Dental Center: Brian Stiewel DDS, INC. at (951) 707-4366 for an appointment in our Hemet dental office.

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