Dealing with New Dentures

Posted on: January 16, 2019

Dentures take some getting used to wearing. After getting new dentures, you must accommodate foreign objects in your mouth. You have to learn to chew and pronounce words while keeping your dentures in place.

A prosthodontist will always let their patient know that it takes time to adjust to dentures. Still, that sage piece of advice does not deal with the actual practicalities of getting through daily life.

How to get used to your new dentures

1. Take time to eat          

Dentures require you to learn to chew all over again. This can result in stressful situations if you are eating with company. There is only one way to get through meals — eat slowly.

As a person gets used to the dentures, they should take all the time they need to eat their meals. With practice, chewing will gradually become second-nature.

2. Practice speaking

You may be struggling with pronunciation. Certain words become harder to pronounce when a person wears their dentures.

Instead of feeling discouraged, you should recognize the fact that your speech was likely imperfect without the dentures.

To improve your speech, practice speaking by reading interesting books and newspaper articles aloud. When you come across a word that you find hard to pronounce, repeat the problem word until you find the best way to say it.

A second way to improve speech is by singing. You can sing your favorite songs while driving or going for a walk.

3. Have the dentures adjusted if they cause pain or extreme soreness

Ill-fitting dentures can irritate the gums, roof of the mouth and the area below the tongue. They can also cause the cheeks to hurt.

If you start to develop raw skin, bruising or sore spots, you should see your dentist and have the dentures adjusted.

There is no reason to experience this level of pain or irritation from dentures.

4. Use remedies for normal discomfort

Some patients feel minor discomfort with new dentures. If this happens, call your dentist for recommendations. For quick relief, you can:

  • Use a topical gel or medication to relieve the pain: The dentist will likely give an appropriate pain relief prescription
  • Use a salt water mouth rinse to reduce inflammation
  • Rub aloe vera on the gums to reduce irritation
  • Massage the gums and let them rest by removing the dentures at night
  • Use denture adhesive to keep the dentures from coming loose and rubbing against the soft tissues of the mouth

5. Keep the dentures in for the duration recommended by a dentist

The best way to get used to dentures is to spend time wearing them. It takes time, but you will eventually return to normal life without noticing the dentures.

When to contact a dentist?

If you need dentures, then call us for a consultation. We can restore your smile with a new set of teeth.

If you want your dentures adjusted, speak with our dentist to see if your dentures fit well.  

Request an appointment here: or call Hemet Dental Center: Brian Stiewel DDS, INC. at (951) 707-4366 for an appointment in our Hemet office.

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