Common Dental Myths Debunked by Our Hemet Dentist Office

Hemet DentistAs a Hemet dentist office, we are regularly asked questions about oral health. Our patients want to know the truth about baby teeth, the best type of toothbrush to use, and other information. Sometimes, these questions come from common myths that circulate throughout the community. This makes it important to always seek a professional opinion if you have a concern or worry about dental care, so we encourage you to visit our office anytime with such queries. In the meantime, we have compiled a list of a few myths we hear on a regular basis and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Flossing is optional.

The Truth – When you visit our Hemet dentist office, you will be given information regarding flossing because of how important it is. On a daily basis, flossing is the best way for you to combat gum disease. When you eat, food particles can become trapped in between your teeth and plaque can begin to form. Plaque can lead to tooth decay, and if it becomes trapped underneath your gums, you can get gum disease, a leading cause of adult tooth loss, which is why it's important to work hard to prevent it. Flossing is the first step in doing so, and we encourage you to buy a flossing tool and add this to your routine.

Myth #2: It does not matter what type of toothbrush I use.

The Truth – As a Hemet dentist, we encourage our patients to either use a soft toothbrush or an electric toothbrush. It is important to avoid hard ones because they can strip away the enamel on the teeth. This makes them dangerous in the sense that they can lead to permanent enamel erosion. When you brush, apply even pressure and brush in a circular pattern away from your gums. This will give you a good clean without the risk.

Myth #3: Baby teeth are not important.

The Truth – Your child's baby teeth are incredibly important because they make it possible to speak clearly, eat food, and smile with confidence. They also hold a place for future adult teeth to come in. If they are not properly cared for, your child could experience tooth decay or an infection. This can be uncomfortable and require further treatment. Additionally, if their teeth fall out too soon, the remaining ones can crowd out the space that was reserved for the adult tooth. When this happens, your child can experience overcrowding and the need for braces in the future.

Myth #4: Root canals are painful and should be avoided.

The Truth – When patients visit our office with an infection, they are already in pain. A tooth infection can be incredibly uncomfortable, and this is not caused by dental care, but by nature. Think of it as a built-in warning system that you need medical help. During the procedure, we will numb the area so you do not feel anything other than slight pressure. The root canal procedure will not hurt, and afterward, you will feel far better than when you walked in our door.

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