Why You Should Have a Bi-Annual Dental Cleaning

Why You Should Have a Bi-Annual Dental Cleaning from Hemet Dental Center: Brian Stiewel DDS, INC. in Hemet, CAMaybe you have put off doing your bi-annual dental cleaning and checkup due to your busy schedule. Perhaps you are afraid of going to the dentist because you have neglected your oral hygiene. Regardless of the reason, failing to keep a regular schedule of bi-annual dental cleanings and checkups has more disadvantages than you think. Preventive dental care involves bi-annual dental cleanings and checkups because it allows your dentist to detect and treat dental problems prior to the need for more complicated and expensive procedures.

The need for bi-annual dental cleaning

Maintaining a routine of twice-yearly appointments can sound difficult at first, but it will save time, expense, and pain in the long run by avoiding the need for complicated dental procedures. Dental visits may show oral conditions that are linked to changes in your overall health.

The dentist urges patients to do their best to keep their teeth and gums healthy. The following are reasons why bi-annual dental cleanings and checkups are so important:

Discover signs of oral issues

A dental exam is included in the oral exam and involves checking for signs of cavities and other oral health issues that may not currently present any symptoms. The surfaces of the teeth and gums are checked using a thin, handheld mirror. This device helps the dentist inspect the inner areas of the teeth and other crevices of the mouth.

A periodontal probe is often used to assess a patient's risk of periodontal disease. The pocket depth between each tooth and the gum line is measured with this special ruler. Pocket depths of more than 4 mm are usually signs of periodontal disease. X-rays of your teeth and gums may also be necessary. These specialized X-rays will also detect possible bone decay or root erosion. Your dentist will make suggestions for appropriate procedures such as fillings after the exam.

Efficient teeth cleaning

The bi-annual visit includes a professional dental cleaning that removes sticky plaque and tartar on the teeth and other hard-to-reach places. The dentist uses a scraper, a portable dental instrument, to eliminate stubborn plaques. A high-powered electric toothbrush and slightly abrasive toothpaste are also used during the process. The techniques and tools provide a deep, meticulous dental cleaning that is impossible at home.

Following the cleaning, the dentist will perform professional flossing and check the gums for signs of bleeding. If patients appear to have a poor oral hygiene routine, the dentist will discuss correct brushing and flossing procedures.

Health assessment

Maintaining a bi-annual dental cleaning and checkup routine will help you improve more than just your teeth and gums' wellbeing. These visits are important for detecting signs of diseases that develop without causing symptoms at first. An oral cancer screening is a vital aspect of the bi-annual checkup. The dentist will inspect the tongue, cheeks, palate, gums, throat, the floor of the mouth, head, and neck during this painless examination. Doing this test twice a year increases the chances of detecting oral cancer in the early stages, where treatments are most effective.

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In conclusion

Dental cleanings and checkups twice yearly help you get the most out of your oral hygiene routine. Make an appointment with the dentist today by contacting the dental office.

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