Benefits of a Dental Composite Filling

Composite Filling Hemet, CA

If you are familiar with the dental composite filling, you know that it is a popular type of tooth restoration. It targets both the aesthetic and functional needs of the damaged or worn tooth. While composite fillings are capable of filling cavities, they are also good for restoring broken teeth. If you are considering these fillings for your tooth restoration, here are their known benefits.

A strong bond with the original tooth

Composite resin can bond to the patient’s original tooth well. When the dentist cleans the tooth, the surface becomes rough, with many indentations. The filling is moldable and soft as the dentist pushes and shapes it to the original tooth. Once the dentist exposes it to curing light, it hardens. Its attachment to the tooth only becomes stronger the longer it stays.

Not much preparation needed

The only preparation that the dentist does is clean out the tooth. The drilling will be minimal and light. Even so, the dentist will apply a local anesthetic to prevent any level of discomfort. The patient will only feel a bit of pressure.

Can fix fractures, cracks, and chips

Patients who have cracks, chips, or fractures can have composite fillings for tooth restoration. These fillings are quick to bond and strong. Many people have these fillings for emergency cases such as fractures and minor chips. The patient can have the tooth repaired and then go home after. A composite filling is a quick way to restore a smile.

Hardens right away

One of the benefits of a composite filling is that it hardens in just a few seconds. Getting these fillings usually takes no time at all. Once the dentist finishes applying the filling to the tooth, the dentist exposes it to a curing light. This light hardens the fillings almost instantly.


A patient should go to the dentist right away once the composite filling shows signs of deterioration. These signs may not be noticeable at all. Regular visits to the dentist can catch these minute signs. The dentist can then repair and reinforce the filling.

Stop and prevent tooth sensitivity

When a tooth suffers from wear or trauma, it becomes overly sensitive. The patient usually experiences sharp, shooting pain whenever the broken tooth gets in contact with cold and hot temperatures. Composite fillings tend to reduce tooth sensitivity. When the filling sets, it insulates the tooth against cold and hot temperatures over time. The filling forms a stable cushion against any form of pressure, as well. The tooth becomes stronger as the composite filling stays longer.

This reduction in sensitivity enables the patient to eat and drink right after the procedure. The patient does not need to wait for hours or days. Although there will be light sensitivity when the patient steps out of the clinic, this will go away over time. As the composite filling hardens more, the tooth becomes stronger and more stable.

Getting a composite filling provides myriad benefits

A broken or worn tooth can be debilitating. If you have a tooth with significant damage, a composite filling can help. These fillings are formable into the shape that your tooth needs. It is a quick way to restore your smile, especially if you have an unexpected engagement.

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