Advantages of Getting a Dental Inlay

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If a damaged tooth does not get fixed, such as with a dental inlay, it can mean infection and even more serious problems. Inlays are used when there is damage that is too extensive for fillings but not bad enough for an onlay or crown. 

When is a dental inlay needed?

Unfortunately, there are quite a few ways teeth can be damaged or broken. Some of these are obvious, such as being hit in the face or the mouth, biting down on a hard food, or using teeth to rip a bag open. Anyone who experiences an issue after one of these actions tends to know there is a problem right away. However, there are other less-obvious ways teeth can be damaged over time, such as teeth grinding, untreated cavities that cause the tooth to weaken, and problems with old amalgam fillings.

Dentists have several options for repairing a damaged tooth, depending on the amount of damage there is. Dental fillings are used for small cavities that are in the center of the tooth, and onlays are used if there is damage that extends to the sides of the teeth. Crowns cover the entire tooth and are used to treat severe decay and damage. Inlays are similar to fillings in that they are used for damage in the center of the tooth, but they are made as separate customized pieces that fit within the grooves of the tooth.

Benefits of a dental inlay

Inlays can be created specifically for each patient to match the natural tooth shape and color, so are very natural-looking. Unlike metal fillings, which are easy to see when someone opens their mouth, it is difficult for anyone to tell if a tooth has an inlay.

The dentist will have to remove as much of the decayed tooth as possible, but more of the tooth is preserved than with a filling. This retains the strength of the tooth. Inlays are strong and can last for decades as long as teeth are properly taken care of. They can often be made quickly, sometimes during the same visit to the dentist, if the right equipment is in their office

What happens if a tooth does not get repaired?

Of course, the biggest benefit of getting an inlay is that it protects the patient from infection and pain. Leaving a damaged tooth untreated allows bacteria to get down into the tooth, where an abscess or other infection can develop. If this happens, the patient may need a root canal, and in the worst-case scenario this infection can spread to other parts of the body, causing even more serious problems.


Inlays are one way the dentist can repair a broken or damaged tooth. They are not only effective at restoring the appearance of a tooth but are sturdy and can last for years. There are many advantages of getting a dental inlay, but keeping teeth strong and healthy may be the most important one.

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