5 Signs of an Abscessed Tooth

Abscessed ToothDo you need to know whether or not your tooth infection is turning into an abscess? If you have a tooth infection you are going to need to see a professional dentist so they can treat the tooth. A tooth can often become infected when there is tooth decay or gum disease present, or when a tooth cracks. While not every infected tooth is going to turn into an abscessed tooth, it is indeed necessary to see a dentist in order to find out since every abscessed tooth needs treatment as soon as possible.

How does an abscessed tooth happen?

When a tooth is somehow damaged it is more susceptible to becoming infected. The reason is bacteria is now able to enter the tooth, which can lead to a bacterial infection. While the infection takes place in the pulp of the tooth, it can spread to other parts of the tooth if the individual does not seek treatment in a timely manner.

If the infection spreads to the roots of the tooth, then the result is a buildup of pus and swelling around the tooth area. These symptoms are the beginnings of a toothache. If the abscessed tooth does not receive treatment, it can lead to the loss of the tooth, while the infection spreads to the rest of the body.

5 signs of an abscessed tooth

The following are five signs that someone may have an abscessed tooth. If someone has an infected tooth but not of the signs below are present, it is still necessary for them to see a dentist for treatment. Not everyone will experience the following abscessed tooth signs.

1. A toothache that will not go away

It does not matter whether the pain is minor or major, if a tooth is hurting for a long time then it is likely that the reason is due to an abscessed tooth.

2. Swelling in the face or cheek area

When a tooth is abscessed and not treated in a timely manner there is often swelling around the infected area. This swelling is due to the inflammation that occurs when a tooth is infected and often includes red and sore gums.

3. An ongoing fever

A fever will often occur in people who have a tooth abscess since the body is trying to fight the infection. Any fever that lasts for more than three days needs professional attention.

4. Having one or more teeth that are very sensitive

When a tooth becomes sensitive to hot or cold temperatures it means that there is something wrong. The reason why a tooth would become sensitive is that it has been damaged somehow.

5. A sudden case of bad breath

When a tooth is infected and there is a lot of pus built up around the area, it is possible that the pus could rupture and spread into the mouth.

Abscessed tooth treatment

It is important that you do let your tooth infection get worse as it can turn into an abscess. It is also important to understand that when you have a tooth infection it could already be abscessed and you do not even realize because not everyone shows signs or symptoms of having an abscessed tooth. A professional dentist is able to take an X-ray to see if you do indeed have an abscessed tooth and can provide you with a proper treatment care at that time.

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