3 Reasons to Choose Periodontics

Periodontics Hemet, CA

Periodontics is a dental specialty that deals with diseases of the gums and the bones that sustain the teeth. This condition can affect your entire oral cavity and overall wellbeing. Periodontics care is necessary when something is wrong with the gums.

The need for periodontics care

Gingivitis and periodontitis are the two prevalent types of periodontal diseases. Gingivitis is the early stage of the disease and causes inflammation of the soft tissues surrounding and protecting the teeth. Periodontitis is a more complicated infection that affects the jawbone and other tissues, like periodontal ligaments and tooth roots.

The build-up of bacterial plaque on the teeth and gums is the most common cause, as it leads to tissue damage. Gums can become inflamed and bleed, either naturally or during cleaning, due to the disease. Smoking, genetic descent, pregnancy, and certain health conditions, such as diabetes, can also increase the risk of developing gum disease.

Receding gums

When the gum tissue becomes infected, it starts to pull away from the teeth. Gum recession is the term for this condition. In this case, more of the tooth structure, including the roots, is exposed. This is a sign that periodontal disease has progressed to an advanced stage. A gum graft procedure, which provides healthy gum tissue at the point of the recession, is one of the periodontics solutions for this problem.

Excess tartar accumulation

Periodontal disorder is a spectrum, ranging from moderate gingivitis to extreme periodontitis and bone loss. Depending on the specific type of gum disease, the dentist will recommend the least invasive treatment option.

Scaling and root planing could be worth considering in consultation with a dentist if the gum disease is moderate — perhaps mild gingivitis or excessive plaque is causing the issue. Scaling and root planing can be supplemented with systemic antibiotics and antimicrobial substances. When performed by a trained dentist, both procedures are safe.

Advancing gum disease

Gingivitis, the mildest type of gum disease, affects many patients. This is an easily reversible disease. However, if gingivitis progresses to moderate or advanced periodontitis, periodontics care is needed. This procedure could include a deep cleaning with a hygienist or dentist, or it could be as simple as infection treatment and improving dental hygiene. A dentist will advise patients on the most effective treatment based on the stage of the gum disease.

In summary

The best way to avoid periodontal disease is to practice proper oral hygiene, which reduces plaque and tartar accumulation. Regular dental checkups are important for the early detection of the disease.

Periodontics care is not always a one-off treatment. It is usually determined by the severity of the infection that you have. The dentist will determine how extensive the treatment will be after a careful evaluation. Book an appointment today to get started.

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